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About Mount Auburn Weight Management Center

The Mount Auburn Weight Management Center takes a comprehensive approach to obesity treatment. We are affiliated with Mount Auburn Hospital, and offer safe, monitored weight loss and treatment. In every case, we will carefully evaluate each person and recommend the most appropriate pathway for treatment. In general, patients follow one of two paths: medical or surgical weight management.

Medical Weight Management patients work with bariatrician Chuanyun Gao, MD, along with our team of dietitians and psychologists. Treatment includes medical evaluation, lab work, a comprehensive nutrition plan, lifestyle and behavioral changes and, when indicated, prescription medications or dietary supplements. Our extensive medical weight program gives each patient the tools to achieve the desired goal.

Mount Auburn's physician-monitored weight loss program is a comprehensive plan developed to treat obesity. The goal of the program is to educate patients to form healthy habits and make conscious decisions that influence weight management. Developed by a medical bariatrician, each patient's plan is personalized to address his or her weight loss needs. Regular follow-ups and plan adjustments are made throughout the course of treatment to achieve and to maintain weight loss.

In the Surgical Weight Management program, bariatric surgeon Dr. Julie Kim performs a full range of procedures to meet your individual needs. The procedures offered at Mount Auburn are the gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy, and the adjustable gastric band. The surgeries are performed laparoscopically, a minimally invasive technique that allows for a faster recovery, less pain, and less scarring.

Our team consists of highly experienced surgeons combined with nutritional, behavioral, and medical support. Before and after surgery, we provide medical, nutritional, and psychological care, and help patients work toward significant lifestyle changes.

Our Weight Management Team is conveniently located at one site and offers free and handicapped accessible parking, and it is close to public transportation.

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My life is completely turned around. I have dropped 8 inches in my waist size, and people I see occasionally are amazed at the difference. I feel like a new man.
-- Bob A.

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