June 3, 2015
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Mount Auburn Hospital MRI Center
725 Concord Avenue - Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-499-5717  Fax: 617-499-5667
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Hours / Days of Service:      5 days / week

Monday - Friday :      7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Appointments within 24 hours are guaranteed.


Year 2002 - High-Field, Short-Bore Philips 1.5T Intera Scanner

New design is more open and wide for patient comfort, but is still of high-field strength for optimal image quality.

Can accommodate patients up to 350 lbs.

New and Improved Applications :

1.  Diffusion-Perfusion for Brain imaging
2.  Body Imaging including Pancreas, Liver, and Kidneys
3.  MR Angiography with complete Run-Off studies
4.  MR Spectroscopy
5.  Breast, Pelvic, and Uterine women's imaging
6.  Cardiac Imaging


As with the Hospital, we pledge a rapid turn-around-time for reports and furnish these within twenty-four hours. Wet-reads are always available.

We also boast a collection of some of the best and brightest Radiologists specializing in Neurology, Abdominal (GI/GU), Musculoskeletal, as well as a full compliment of general Radiologists who are on-site and digitally connected to the hospital.

Value-Added Services:

Beautiful new facilities where family and friends can wait and enjoy while the patient is being scanned. Includes sofa, television, water and/or coffee.
Free Parking.
Film Copies for requesting physicians. Now available on disc (CD)
Easy access location just minutes from highway and many MBTA stops.

Mount Auburn MRI Center - " The best of Boston healthcare without having to go into the city."

If you or your physician would like more information or to schedule an appointment at Mount Auburn Hospital's MRI Department, please call 617-499-5717.

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