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Primary Care

Your relationship with your primary care provider is one of the most intimate, important decisions you can make. Mount Auburn’s primary care physicians not only attend to your immediate healthcare needs, they provide referrals to a wide range of services, from preventive health to specialty care and inpatient services. They practice here at the hospital and at affiliated practices throughout our communities and include family practitioners as well as staff Hospitalists.

Choose from a highly diverse staff of practitioners: we are affiliated with many well-respected caregivers here and in satellite practices in surrounding cities and towns who believe that healthcare relationships are lifelong connections built on communication, trust, and most importantly, understanding your personal healthcare needs.

Our physicians emphasize a patient-centered approach to healthcare, adapting their skills to your specific healthcare requirements. You will work together to build a personal healthcare regime centered on your lifestyle. And whether you require routine/preventative care or need to address acute or chronic conditions, you’ll work together to explore the best options available

You can have confidence in your caregiver, knowing that every member of our medical staff meets the exacting professional standards the hospital demands and that our practitioners uphold and deliver the highest quality care with competence and compassion - the foundation of this hospital’s original Mission.

Through your primary care physician, you have access to a broad range of services at Mount Auburn Hospital - medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and mental health care, In addition, our hospital is known for several specialty areas including cardiology, oncology, diagnostic imaging, orthopedics, neurology and geriatrics.

In addition, if you need access to alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, or massage therapy, you can get a referral to staff or affiliated practitioners so that these treatments are added to your healthcare regime.

But it all starts with you –consider the qualifications of our highly skilled practitioners by using our online Physician Directory.

Once you select your caregiver, please call to set up an appointment or to obtain further information including office hours, directions, handicap-access, and parking or access to public transportation. For your convenience, our caregivers accept most major forms of insurance.

Primary care is where good health begins – start your lifelong connection with your Mount Auburn physician today.

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