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Mount Auburn Weight Management Center

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Weight Management Center Success Stories

Learn how medical and surgical programs at Mount Auburn Hospital’s Weight Management Center have helped people in the Boston area improve their health—and their lives.

Lost Weight, Gained Energy

Scott Hart lost 60 pounds through the medical weight-loss program in 2012.

“The education, encouragement and guidance from the staff at the Weight Management Center helped make my weight-loss journey a success. The program worked because I was able to incorporate realistic, sustainable, long-term healthy eating habits into my daily food choices, along with a walking regime.

“My goal was weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, but I’ve found that I achieved even more than that. I am more energetic and sleep better (and, according to my wife, without snoring). My knee pain is gone, my blood pressure is lower, and my primary care physician has showed me how much healthier I actually am by comparing pre- and post-weight-loss check-ups.”

“It’s Just Easier Being ‘Normal-Sized’”

Jodi Moran lost [number] pounds after [surgical procedure] in [YEAR].

“No question about it, weight-loss surgery was the best decision I’ve made in my life—next to marrying my husband and having my son! Now I feel like my body actually looks like I felt. It’s just easier being ‘normal-sized,’ and I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful team at the Mount Auburn Weight Management Center.”

Weight Loss Brings a “Fresh Start”

Eddie Santana lost [number] pounds after gastric bypass surgery in 2012.

“Gastric bypass surgery gave me a fresh start in my life. I now understand the benefit of healthy foods and how important they are for your body. Since my surgery, I feel as if I can do anything that I set my mind to. It has helped me with self-esteem and confidence issues.”

Start Your Weight-Loss Journey

Watch our informational video, then download, complete and return a preliminary application to help us determine whether you’re a candidate for weight-loss surgery. We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment after we’ve reviewed the application.

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