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Clerkship Program

As a resident, you will observe and assist a number of patients with a variety of lower extremity challenges. As a Harvard Teaching Hospital, many complex limb salvage and revision cases are referred to us for care.

You will have access to the most current diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic modalities to employ in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients.

Clerkship training will include experiential learning through:

  • Operating room procedures
  • In-patient management
  • Emergency consultations
  • On-call experience
  • Hospital-based clinics
  • Private office-based clinics (with training in billing and practice management)
  • Many didactics (too many to name here)
  • Research

During clerkship, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from nationally-recognized attending physicians who provide complex surgical fellowship training, spirited leadership, and advanced research experience.

Their goal is to encourage you to share our passion for the profession and to realize a deep and lasting impression for what it takes to be a podiatric surgeon by becoming a vital part of a highly functioning surgical team.

Apply Today

Find application requirements for the podiatric medicine and surgery residency (PMSR/RAA) at Mount Auburn Hospital.

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