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Financial scams that target elders are increasing

Financial fraud is the fastest growing form of elder abuse. Fraud can impact financial, emotional, mental and physical health. Protect yourself or your loved ones from financial elder abuse. Learn about scams and what to do if you suspect foul play.

Who is at risk?

Elderly WomanPeople over 50 who may have a "nest egg", own their own home, and have excellent credit ratings are targeted by con artists. They are usually polite and don't "hang up on anyone".

Con artists count on the likelihood that elderly victims:

  • Are ashamed and won't report the crime.
  • Don't know they have been scammed and therefore don't report the crime.
  • Will not be able to provide detail to investigators if they do report.

What can I do?

Never share your personal information

  • Never share social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other personal information with strangers.
  • Keep your mail, bills and tax forms in safe places so no one can get information from them.

Don't wire money or use Money Paks or Green Dot Cards

Reputable companies will not ask you to wire them money or to use MoneyPaks/Green dot cards.

Learn to recognize what scammers say:

  • "You have to make up your mind right away."
  • "You trust me, right?"
  • "You don't need to check our company with anyone."

Join the National Do Not Call List

Register home and cell phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry
This won't stop all calls, but it will most.

Sign up for alerts

What if I think I, or someone I love, was scammed?

PoliceIf you think you have been scammed tell someone

  • Call your local police
  • Call you local Elder Services
  • Call the Greater Boston Legal Services 617-371-1234

If you think someone you love has been scammed support them and encourage them to tell someone

Remember many elders are afraid of telling family or friends that they have been scammed. Be supportive.

Before giving your personal information
Stop. Think. Tell Someone.

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