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Request for Sponsorships

Mount Auburn Hospital recognizes and addresses the broad spectrum of health issues in its communities and provides a wide range of services consistent with our Community Health mission statement:

Mount Auburn Hospital is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of community members by collaborating with community partners to reduce barriers to health and simultaneously increase prevention and/or self-management of chronic disease as well as the early detection of illness.

Each year many non-profit community organizations request sponsorship support in the form of events such as dinners, runs/walks, health fairs or advertisements in programs. Please read the following sponsorship guidelines that describe our review and approval process. Consideration for sponsorships will be dependent on the following:

  1. Alignment with Mount Auburn Hospital's mission, vision, core values and strategic priorities.
  2. Health and wellness activities that lead to community benefit.
  3. Support of activities in our community benefit area.

If your organization/event meets the above criteria please continue to fill out the request form. Requests must be submitted at least three (3) months in advance of the event.

We are appreciative to receive numerous sponsorship requests every year. However, please be advised that we are unable to fulfill every request, even if the organization meets all above criteria.

Mount Auburn Hospital has dispersed all of its charitable funds for this Fiscal Year (2018). Please check back with us again next year.

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