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Childbirth Education: Preparing for the Birth of Your Child

TwinsSimply put, having a child changes your life. There is so much involved in bringing a new life into this world, where do you start to prepare? Mount Auburn Hospital’s Childbirth Education Department has a wide variety of classes to fit your family’s needs to help guide you during this exciting time in your life.

Nine months may seem like a long time, but it does go by swiftly when you are occupied with preparing for your newborn’s arrival. So when is the right time to take a Childbirth Education class? We recommend completing one of our full-day (or three week series) courses for new parents between the 34th and 36th week. It allows just the right amount of time for you to understand what is to be expected and practice techniques as the countdown begins.

Sending our patients and their newborn infants home, happy, healthy and well-prepared is our number one priority. So what happens after the joy of delivery? While most of our Childbirth Education classes focus on your labor and delivery we also offer several classes that will help you prepare for your homecoming. In the event of a rare emergency our Infant CPR for Family and Friends provides parents and caregivers the tools to be prepared in an emergent situation. Happiest Baby & Infant Care Essentials covers what to expect in your “fourth trimester”. From diapering to soothing your newborn this class covers proven techniques to help make that first month at home less stressful and more memorable.

Always be sure to discuss your labor and delivery options with your Obstetrician. To see an overview of all our class offerings you can download a copy of our Parent-Child Education Classes brochure. When you are ready, register online for the class or classes that are right for you and your growing family. Or you can call the Childbirth Education Department at 617-499-5121.