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Starting Your Pregnancy Journey


Learning you are pregnant for the first time can be exciting, and yet it can also be overwhelming. Mount Auburn Hospital recommends you take the following steps during your pregnancy to ensure your good health and that of your child.

  1. Choose your provider. When selecting an obstetrician or midwife to help deliver your baby there are several factors to consider. Ask about a provider’s training and credentials, services provided and the practice philosophy. Choose a provider that you feel comfortable will guide you through your pregnancy and support the type of birth experience you want.
  2. Schedule your first exam. When you first learn you are pregnant have a complete physical exam with your provider to understand any risks or complications that may be associated with your pregnancy. Schedule monthly appointments with your provider during your first and second trimester for screening tests and fetal development checks.
  3. Focus on your nutrition and exercise. Eating healthy is not only vital for you, but essential for the development of your baby. Exercise is important, but be sure to talk to your provider before embarking on any new exercise program.
  4. Consider Your Birth Preferences. Create the experience you want to have for the birth of your child. Be sure to review it with your provider, partner and other members of your family.
  5. Enroll in childbirth education classes. Childbirth education classes will help you to understand the many facets of labor and delivery. From pain management to breathing and relaxation techniques as well as breastfeeding, diapering and soothing your child, a wide range of topics are covered to help prepare you for the birth of your child.
  6. Select a pediatrician. Use the same process for selecting your child’s pediatrician as you did when selecting your obstetrical provider. Your child’s pediatrician recognizes the specific needs of your newborn and will care for them throughout their childhood.