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How to pick your Primary Care Provider

Choosing a primary care physician is a personal decision and one you should consider very carefully. Your primary care physician needs to be someone you can communicate your healthcare concerns and trust to guide you in a healthy lifestyle.

But how do you pick one?

Ask a friend: A recommendation from friends and relatives who are pleased with their primary care physician is a good way to narrow your search. They can help shed light on issues that may be important to you such as the doctor's personality, his or her area of expertise and medical education, or the environment of the office.
Convenience: You may want a physician close to where you live, where you work, or where your children are in school. You may need a doctor you can reach via public transportation, or one with on-sight parking. Remember that you will want to see your doctor when you’re sick, but also for annual physicals and preventive measures such as blood pressure checks, immunizations, and routine blood tests.
Specialty: Do you have a particular health concern or lifestyle interest? While all of Mount Auburn Hospital's Primary Care Physicians are board-certified in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine, many also have a particular area of expertise or interest. This may include Women's Health, Obesity, Hypertension, LGBTQ healthcare, or Integrative Medicine.

Prepare for your visit with your PCP

  1. Don't forget your insurance card
  2. Bring a list of questions or health concerns and something to take notes with.
  3. Be prepared to share your family medical history and your medical history.
  4. Bring a calendar to schedule follow up appointments or tests.
  5. Take pictures of your prescription bottles or labels to share with your doctor, or bring the bottles with you.