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Offering integrative wellness programs to enhance the quality of life for our oncology patients and their caregivers. Register here for and upcoming service or event.

Sigmund E. and Barbara B. Herzstein Wellness Center

The Herzstein Wellness Center is currently closed due to the pandemic.

The mission of the Herzstein Wellness Center is to provide a space for healing, revitalization, and hope through education and integrative care for cancer patients and their caregivers. We offer programs that address the whole person, including physical body, mind-body connection, spiritual vitality, and social support to improve quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.

The Herzstein Wellness Center is conveniently co-located with the Hematology Oncology department on the third floor of the Wyman Building at Mount Auburn’s main campus. All activities and services are open to all Oncology patients and their caregivers at no charge.


The Herzstein Wellness Center offers a range of integrative and holistic therapies, including Reiki, therapeutic oncology massage, pet therapy, and acupuncture to help reduce and manage the stress of undergoing treatment. Join our certified fitness and movement specialists in a supportive environment to gently tone muscles, stretch the body, and combat fatigue during treatment, as well as to recover more quickly post-surgery. While these integrative wellness programs are meant to enhance your quality of life and sense of well-being, they do not replace traditional medical therapies.

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As a cancer patient, I am grateful for the wide range of complementary practices offered at Mount Auburn Hospital. The range of services allowed me to choose an integrative therapy that worked for me, find a supportive community and encouraged self-care. The Wellness Center adds a compassionate element that helps in negotiating the stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatment and provides important resources for post-cancer care."
-Rachael L.
Cancer Survivor at Mount Auburn Hospital

Contributing to the Herzstein Center


If you’d like to join our team of compassionate and talented volunteers as a Reiki Practitioner, Certified Pet Therapy handler, Therapeutic Music Practitioner, or Wellness Concierge, please contact to learn more.


We are always looking for gently used books to fill our lending library! These books are a welcome distraction to patients and their families during long hours in treatment. If you’d like to donate your previously-loved books, please contact


Funding for the Herzstein Center is provided by the Sigmund E. Herzstein Jr. Trust, the Marino Foundation, the Crivello Fund, and the Hoffman Breast Center Fund. Program support for Paint Break is provided by the Watertown Cultural Council.

If you would like to support the Wellness Programs at Mount Auburn Hospital, please contact

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