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Herzstein Wellness Center

Crivello Wellness & Support Programs

All activities are open to all Hematology/Oncology patients and their families at no charge. To schedule an appointment, call 617-499-5665 x4100.

These integrative wellness programs are meant to enhance your quality of life and sense of well-being, they do not replace traditional medical therapies.


View our wellness calendar for monthly activities.


Japanese style acupuncture using external ear points that correspond with cancer related symptoms such as pain relief, nausea and anxiety. Treatments are given in a relaxed seated position for 20-30 minutes. Acupuncturist: Diane Iuliano, L.Ac., M.Ac.,Dipl.Ac.

“Ask the Expert” Drop-In Discussion

Come with your general questions related to your clinical care, living with a diagnosis, and maintaining a sense of well-being. Various experts include Exercise Physiologists, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists and Registered Nurses.

Chair Massage

Studies have shown that gentle massage may help to reduce pain, improve mood, lower heart rate and blood pressure. Massages are given in a relaxed seated position for 10-15 minutes per session.

Pet Therapy

Come pet and play with “Sami”, a certified Pet Therapy Yorkshire Terrier in the Herzstein Wellness Center room. Sami is hypoallergenic, furless- having real hair. Pet therapy can offer a sense of calm, joy and put a smile on your face.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that promotes the body’s natural ability to balance itself, creates a sense of relaxation, and in the process reduces stress, anxiety and pain. Sessions range 15-20 minutes each while having treatment.

Relaxation Practice: Developing a Sense of Calm

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to use our innate resources and abilities to respond more effectively to stress, pain and illness. Research indicates that mindfulness practices can be highly effective in a wide variety of ways including reduced blood pressure, enhanced immune function, greater energy and enthusiasm for life. Come join us for a brief 5-10 minute session and see what mindfulness meditation can do for you!

The following programs require RSVP and minimum participants – Contact if Interested

Living with Cancer: A Mind/Body Medicine Group at Mount Auburn Hospital

We recognize individuals living with cancer often feel a lack of control as they navigate tests, treatment, and recovery. Our eight-week Mind/Body Medicine program provides a safe and supportive group environment to learn and practice mind/body techniques. During these weekly sessions, we explore meditation, positive coping strategies, yoga, tai chi,social supports and nutrition. The program emphasizes the power of relaxation to reduce stress and to promote resilience and health. If interested in the group, please contact Meredith Hobson, LICSW at 617-499-5665, ext. 4664.

Restorative Seated Chair Yoga

Relax and release tension through this four week chair yoga program. As the body and mind find balance, a natural state of inner stillness returns. Each 60 minute class has breathing exercises, gentle stretches and guided relaxation techniques. All exercises are done in a chair and modifications are provided for comfort. Guided by Bonnie Randall, RYT 500. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, and bring your own mat. To RSVP contact Sarah Collins, 617-499-5665 x3833.

Coping with Change: Drop-In Discussion

Come and share in discussions about “what is important in this time of my life” concerns, connect to your purpose and develop community. Each session is facilitated by Beth Loomis, Director of Pastoral Care. Groups are being formed. Contact Sarah Collins if interested 617-499-5665 x3833.

Caregiver Support Group

Caring for a loved one with a cancer diagnosis, navigating new responsibilities, and coping with uncertainty can be exhausting. Our eight-week Caregiver Support program is an open group to spouses, adult children, partners, and siblings to patients diagnosed with cancer. The group offers a safe community to connect with others and explore together the challenges of taking care of ourselves while supporting a loved one with cancer. This group will run weekly in the evenings.
If interested in group, please contact Ellen Patterson, LICSW at 617-499-5665 ext 3456.

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