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Cancer Support Services

Find help coping with the emotional and physical demands of cancer treatment with specialized support services at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Coordinated Care With Specialists

When you need assistance managing cancer-related symptoms or concerns, benefit from our close relationships with other specialists at Mount Auburn Hospital. You’ll experience seamless care because our providers know each other and collaborate to provide the best care for you. Ask about:

  • Acupuncture – Treats pain, nausea, vomiting and other side effects of cancer treatment
  • Behavioral health care – Offers emotional support and counseling
  • Fertility preservation – Helps you avoid infertility due to cancer treatment
  • Home care – Provides medical and/or personal care in your home
  • Lymphedema management – Relieves fluid build-up resulting from cancer treatment
  • Nutrition counseling – Helps you choose food that makes you feel better and stay strong
  • Occupational therapy – Adapts or modifies activities so you can function as independently as possible
  • Pain management – Helps you control pain
  • Palliative care – Improves your quality of life
  • Pastoral care – Provides comfort and spiritual, emotional and ethical counsel
  • Physical therapy – Helps you safely build, maintain or regain strength, endurance and mobility
  • Smoking cessation programs – Help you quit smoking
  • Social work services – Connect you with community resources
  • Speech therapy – Maximizes your abilities to speak and swallow
  • Hospice – Offers compassionate end-of-life care

Wellness Programs

Take advantage of wellness programs especially for cancer patients and their families at the Wellness Center in our newly renovated Hematology Oncology Center. Enhance your well-being and enjoy the convenience of a dedicated wellness area in the same facility where you’re getting treatments.

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Enjoy massage therapy or relaxation exercises from Karen Ingwersen, RN, MSN, a radiation oncology nurse and certified massage therapist. You’ll benefit from therapy aimed at reducing muscle tension, pain and anxiety, while also having an opportunity to talk with an experienced nurse about your health. Karen offers free massage therapy appointments every Thursday. For information, call 617-492-3500, ext. 5592.

Support Groups

Connect with other people going through similar experiences by attending a support group at Mount Auburn Hospital. Share your experiences, challenges and victories in a warm, caring environment. Our breast cancer support group meets every other week. Other groups may be available as the need arises. Call 617-499-5665, ext. 3456 for more information.

If you prefer online or telephone support, visit CancerCare® to find a group led by oncology social workers.

Look Good Feel Better

Learn ways to improve your appearance while undergoing cancer treatments. During free Look Good Feel Better workshops, you’ll learn about skin care, see makeup techniques, and get suggestions on ways to use clothing and accessories to camouflage areas of concern during cancer treatment. To participate in the program, or for more information, call 617-499-5665, ext. 4656.

While our workshops are geared toward women, men can find information on how to deal with appearance-related effects of cancer treatment from the Look Good Feel Better For Men website or by calling 1-800-395 LOOK (5665) to order a brochure.

Cancer Education Resource Center

Visit the cancer education resource center in Mount Auburn Hospital’s library to find print materials, DVDs and online resources to help you better understand your or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ask our trained support staff to help you locate specific resources and get answers to your questions.

Boston-Area Support Resources

Find additional support in the greater Boston area through:

  • Boston Area Prostate Support Group – Support and comradery for men with prostate cancer and their loved ones
  • Facing Cancer Together (FCT) – Support, education and wellness services for people with cancer and their families
  • The Healing Garden – Complementary support services, such as mind-body medicine, counseling, horticultural therapy and nutrition education, joined with nature to improve the quality of life of those affected by cancer

Contact Us

To learn more about cancer care at Mount Auburn Hospital, or to make an appointment, call 617-497-9646.

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