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Cancer Treatments

Find a full range of cancer treatments, including advanced therapies and technologies, at Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated hospital.

Personalized Cancer Care Plan

You’ll work with your doctors to create a treatment plan that fits your specific situation. Your plan will consider your medical history, current health, cancer diagnosis, treatment goal and personal preferences. Count on us to help you understand and evaluate your options so you can make informed decisions about your care.

Cancer Treatments We Offer

Your care plan may incorporate:

  • Chemotherapy – Uses medication to destroy cancer cells or slow their growth
  • Hormone therapy – Slows or stops cancer cell growth by adding, blocking or removing hormones from your body; may be used to treat prostate, breast, ovarian or thyroid cancers
  • Immunotherapy (biologic therapy) – Uses medications or man-made versions of immune system proteins to help your immune system fight cancer
  • Targeted therapy – Uses medications that target unique parts of cancer cells or other cells that help cancer cells grow
  • Radiation therapy – Destroys cancer cells with high-energy waves you can’t see or feel
  • Surgery (surgical oncology) – May be used to diagnose cancer and figure out how far it’s spread, prevent cancer from occurring or spreading, and/or remove tumors

We’ll also discuss and make referrals to support services.

Clinical Trials for Cancer

If you’re eligible for a clinical trial, you may benefit from new treatments or new ways of using existing treatments. When you participate in a clinical trial, you can trust that you’ll continue to get the best cancer treatment options available. Placebos (inactive medicines) are rarely used in cancer clinical trials, and they never replace standard treatment.

Mount Auburn Hospital participates in local, national and international research, including ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group, a multidisciplinary organization that designs and conducts cancer research involving adults who have cancer or are at risk of developing it.

Your physician can provide more information about clinical trials you’re eligible for, as well as help you weigh the potential advantages and risks of participating.

Therapeutic Environment

You’ll appreciate all the big and little ways we make your cancer journey more comfortable and convenient.

Take advantage of iPads loaded with reading material and games to help you pass the time during treatments or between appointments. Relax in our quiet, contemplative solarium overlooking the Charles River. And stop into our dedicated Wellness Center for chair yoga, guided imagery and other wellness programs.

If you have limited mobility, you’ll appreciate the ease of our handicap-accessible multiple-position chairs/exam tables, available in the Hematology Oncology Center and the radiation/oncology treatment area.

Contact Us

To learn more about cancer care at Mount Auburn Hospital, or to make an appointment, call 617-497-9646.

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