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Cardiovascular Diagnosis & Screening

Take charge of your well-being with sophisticated screenings and diagnostic tests for your heart and blood vessels at Mount Auburn Hospital.

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Call 617-499-5024 for more information about heart tests or 617-499-5022 for details about vascular tests at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Screenings help reveal your risk of heart attack, stroke or another condition before you experience symptoms. If a screening reveals an abnormality, or you notice signs of a cardiovascular condition, diagnostic tools pinpoint the cause. Then, your doctor can recommend personalized treatments that keep you as healthy as possible.

Extensive Heart & Vascular Tests

Your physician may advise you to get a test such as:

  • Cardiac catheterization - looks inside your blood vessels to determine whether you have coronary artery disease
  • Echocardiogram – Uses sound waves to create pictures of your heart
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) – Attaches painless electrodes to your skin to measure your heart’s electrical signals
    • Holter monitor – Acts like a portable EKG that you wear for a day or two so it can continuously monitor your heart’s electrical activity
    • Event monitor – Worn over time and records your heart’s electrical signals only when you experience symptoms
  • Stress test – Uses exercise or medication to speed up your heartbeat so doctors can measure how your heart responds
    • Nuclear stress test – Gives you an injection of a mildly radioactive dye that shows up on a special camera and reveals where blood flows in your heart as you exercise
  • Electrophysiology study – Threads a thin wire through your blood vessels up to your heart to record its activity
  • Tilt table test – Asks you to lie on a flat table that then tilts so doctors can measure your heart’s response and see whether you faint
  • Vascular studies – Use noninvasive methods, including Doppler ultrasound, to measure blood flow in your arteries and veins

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