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  • Eye Care

Eye Care

For comprehensive, high-quality eye care from ophthalmologists and other friendly vision professionals, turn to Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated hospital. Our personalized services help you see better—so you can get the most out of life.

Conditions We Treat

Find care at Mount Auburn Hospital for many vision-related conditions, including:

  • Cataracts – Clouded lenses
  • Conjunctivitis – Inflammation of the eye’s surface
  • Diabetic eye disease – Diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema and other conditions affecting people with diabetes
  • Glaucoma – Damage to your optic nerve, which sends information from your eye to your brain
  • Keratitis – Inflamed cornea, your eye’s transparent covering
  • Macular degeneration – Vision loss in the center of your field of vision
  • Strabismus – Misalignment of the eyes

Trust us to take time to answer your questions about your condition, listen to your concerns and make sure you thoroughly understand your treatment options.

Ophthalmology Services

Choose Mount Auburn Hospital for tests and evidence-based treatments such as:

  • Routine eye exams for children and adults
  • Optic nerve imaging – Diagnoses and monitors glaucoma
  • Visual field testing – Evaluates how far you can see objects to the side and above and below you
  • Contact lens fittings and eyeglass prescriptions
  • Cataract surgery – Replaces your eye lens with the most advanced type of artificial lens available to improve your vision as much as possible
  • LASIK laser eye surgery – Corrects your vision so you don’t need glasses or contacts

When to See an Ophthalmologist

Ask your primary care doctor how often you should receive an eye exam. Request an appointment soon with an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) if you:

  • Feel pain or notice signs of infection (redness, swelling or discharge)
  • Lose some vision in one or both eyes
  • Notice vision changes, including sudden spots, flashes of light, wavy vision or halos around lights
  • Start seeing shadows, black spots or blurry faces or objects

Contact Us

Learn more about how Mount Auburn Hospital’s eye care services can help you see better. Call 617-499-5150 today.

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