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Geriatric Medicine

Enjoy a full range of services that help older adults age healthfully at Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated hospital. You’ll appreciate our individualized, family-centered approach to care as our experienced providers help you explore options and create a plan that fits your family’s needs.

Comprehensive Care for Older Adults

Take advantage of a variety of services to help you or a loved one maintain optimal health and independence, including:

When you’re looking for end-of-life care and support, explore our hospice services.

What’s a Geriatrician?

Geriatricians are primary care physicians with additional training in caring for adults over 65. They collaborate with other providers to deliver comprehensive services especially to support senior health.

Who Should See a Geriatrician?

As an older adult, you may benefit from seeing a geriatrician if you:

  • Want preventive care to help you maintain good health and independence throughout your lifespan
  • Experience several chronic health conditions and take multiple medications regularly
  • Experience common conditions associated with aging, such as memory problems, difficulty walking, arthritis, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, and mood or behavior changes

You may choose a Mount Auburn Hospital geriatrician for your primary care provider (PCP). Or, you may ask your current PCP to partner with us; we’ll provide consultations and you’ll continue your relationship with the doctors you know and trust.

The Quimby Center for Geriatric Care

Whether you’re an older adult or a caregiver or family member of an older adult, you’ll appreciate the centralized resources available at the Quimby Center for Geriatric Care. Our team includes:

  • Board-certified geriatricians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Social workers
  • Neuropsychologists (psychologists with specialized training in how the brain works)

We also provide collaborative care at more than 30 residential facilities in the greater Boston area, including assisted living residences, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Behavioral Health Care for Seniors

Aging can bring unique mental and behavioral health concerns. As an older adult, you may face age-related challenges such as grief over the loss of a spouse or longtime friends, feelings of isolation, and difficulty coping with health concerns. And some conditions, such as dementia, usually occur later in life.

Find comprehensive behavioral health care to meet your needs at Mount Auburn Hospital. Take advantage of our outpatient behavioral health services as well as a specialized inpatient unit for seniors who need short-term, round-the-clock care.

The Center for Memory Evaluation & Support

Concerned about your or a loved one’s memory or cognitive abilities? Turn to the Quimby Center for Geriatric Care’s Center for Memory Evaluation & Support for a multidisciplinary assessment and personalized care plan. Evaluations include:

  • A review of the older adult’s medical history, which often includes conversations with a family member, caregiver or close friend
  • Physical examination by a geriatrician
  • Neuropsychological tests to assess memory, concentration, information processing and other cognitive skills; most tests are pencil-and-paper questionnaires

Contact Us

Call 617-868-0847 to learn more about the specialty services available at Mount Auburn Hospital’s Quimby Center for Geriatric Care.

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