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Wyman Center for Mental Health

When you’re concerned that an older adult’s behavior or emotional condition puts him or her at risk, trust Mount Auburn Hospital’s Wyman Center for Mental Health for short-term round-the-clock psychiatric services. You’ll find compassionate, multidisciplinary care from geriatric specialists who work together to improve your loved one’s medical, emotional, behavioral and social health.

Specialized Psychiatric Care for Seniors

The Wyman Center for Mental Health works exclusively with older adults. That means you and your loved ones benefit from our understanding of the unique psychological and physical needs associated with growing older.

Plus, the seniors we serve enjoy peer support and comradery through a variety of activities and talk therapy groups that address common issues related to aging.

Attention to Physical and Behavioral Health

Because physical health conditions and medications can affect emotions and behavior, especially in older adults, everyone receives both a psychiatric and a medical evaluation within 24 hours of admission. We may talk with family members as well as previous health care providers to get a comprehensive picture of your or your loved one’s health.

Individualized, Family-Centered Care Plans

As a family member, you’ll work closely with the Wyman Center team to create a plan to improve your loved one’s health and prepare for a smooth transition home or to a long-term care facility. Depending on his or her specific condition, your loved one’s course of treatment may include:

  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) – Uses controlled electric currents to treat severe depression
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication (psychopharmacology) to slow the rate of dementia or help improve symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Nutrition consultations – Offer recommendations for nutritious and enjoyable meals
  • Occupational therapy – Improves ability to perform tasks of daily living independently
  • Physical therapy – Uses gentle exercises to improve gait and balance to reduce fall risk
  • Sensory integration therapy – Reduces tension and anxiety through music, touch, aromatherapy and other physical experiences

If your loved one needs treatment for a physical illness while at the Wyman Center, we’ll work with physicians at Mount Auburn Hospital to provide comprehensive, coordinated care.

Planning For Discharge & Post-Hospital Care

Work closely with the Wyman Center team throughout your loved one’s stay to plan for post-hospital care. We’ll explore the needs and resources of the entire family as we assess sources of stress and support for everyone involved.

Your loved one will stay with us until his or her condition has stabilized and a post-hospital care plan is in place.

If your loved one is returning home or to the home of a family member, our social worker will help you connect with community resources such as home health care or adult day care centers. You also may choose to get follow-up behavioral health care from the Mount Auburn Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic.

If your loved one will transition to a long-term care facility, we’ll help you find a center to meet your family’s needs.

Contact Us

Call 617-499-5780 to learn how the Wyman Center for Mental Health can help you or a loved one. Admission is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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