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Lifeline Medical Alert & Medication Dispensing

In a fall, accident or emergency, every second counts. Get prompt medical assistance 24/7 with a medical alert service that allows you or a loved one to call for help with the press of a button.

Lifeline Medical Alert Solutions 

Mount Auburn Hospital is a provider of Philips Lifeline, the No. 1 medical alert service in the United States. 

  • HomeSafe Standard – Includes a communicator unit to place in the home and a wearable personal help button
  • HomeSafe AutoAlert– Includes a communicator unit to place in the home and a wearable personal help button that automatically calls for help when it detects a fall
  • GoSafe– Includes a communicator unit that can be used at home and on the go along with a mobile wearable help button

How Does Lifeline Work?

If you’re a Lifeline subscriber, you can push your help button anytime to connect with a trained Lifeline Response Associate. The associate will assess your situation and contact a neighbor, a loved one or emergency services—based on your preferences—and follow up to make sure you get the help you need.

Get Help Choosing a Lifeline Product

If you need help deciding which Lifeline product is best for you or your loved one, the staff at Mount Auburn Hospital's LifeLine can help. Ask us for information about each option, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

Medication Dispensing Services

The Philips Medication Dispenser enables medication adherence and independence at home.  The automated system dispenses medications at a pre-programmed time, providing high-quality, user-friendly and proven system that can help simplify complex medication schedules. 

Simple to use

  • Clear audio prompts remind subscribers 
  • Easy press of a button to dispense pre-loaded medications


  • Strict FDA-regulated processes
  • Rigorous quality & testing standards met
  • Solid, durable construction

Professional setup

  • Philips Lifeline trained installers
  • Training for caregivers subscribers
  • No programming required by caregivers or subscribers


  • Manages complex medication regimens
  • Dosing for 1 - 40 days

Contact us

To learn more about how Lifeline service can benefit you and your loved ones call 617-499-5525.

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