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Home Rehabilitation Services

Improve your or your loved one’s abilities to move, balance, communicate and more with therapy from CareGroup Parmenter Home Care’s rehabilitation team. Your team will work together to provide coordinated care that helps you live more independently and enjoy a better quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor may recommend physical therapy if you experience limited mobility, balance or strength. Your physical therapist (PT) will work with you in your home to create an individualized plan to meet your specific goals. Your plan may include:

  • Gait and balance training – Improves your ability to walk and stand
  • Exercises to improve strength, mobility, balance and flexibility
  • Fall risk prevention – Offers recommendations on simple changes you can make to reduce your risk of falling
  • Recommendations for positioning for those who are restricted to chairs or beds
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment, such a walker or wheelchair
  • Therapeutic ultrasound – Uses high-frequency sound waves to warm your muscles and joints, increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling
  • Therapeutic use of heat and ice – Improves circulation, reduces swelling and/or relaxes muscles

Occupational Therapy

Your occupational therapist (OT) will work with you to help you better perform daily tasks and routines, including favorite hobbies. He or she will ask what you want to accomplish and what limitations you face. Then, you’ll work together to find ways to safely overcome those limitations at home. Your individualized plan may include:

  • Exercises to improve strength in your hands and upper body
  • Fall risk prevention – Offers recommendations on simple changes you can make to reduce your risk of falling by making suggestions for environmental modifications
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment that makes activities of daily living such as cooking, eating, dressing or bathing easier
  • Strategies to increase your independence at home to stay at home
  • Visual impairment compensation strategies
  • Caregiver training and tips for those with cognitive difficulties

Speech-Language Therapy

You may benefit from speech-language therapy if you experience difficulty swallowing, eating, communicating or speaking. Your speech-language pathologist will assess your abilities and create a customized treatment plan based on your goals. Depending on your specific condition, your in-home speech therapy may include:

  • Education about non-verbal communication techniques
  • Exercises to strengthen your muscles
  • Recommendations for effective eating positions
  • Recommendations for dietary changes
  • Speech or language training

Specialty Rehabilitation Programs & Services

Ask about our specialty programs, including:

  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) – Relieves pain through gentle, hands-on therapy
  • Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) – Uses kinesiology tape (thin, stretchy, adhesive cotton strips) to provide stability and pain relief after musculoskeletal injuries
  • LSVT BIG® – Uses exercises to improve the ability of people with Parkinson’s Disease to make bigger movements and improve their everyday functioning
  • Myofacial release (MFR) – Relieves pain and restores motion by applying gentle, sustained pressure to connective tissues
  • Total Joint Replacement Program – Continues your orthopedic surgeon’s recovery plan following joint replacement surgery
  • Vestibular rehabilitation – Treats symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo

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