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Because your health is a primary concern, Mount Auburn provides specialized in hospital primary care practitioners during your stay with us. These board certified physicians are known as Hospitalists and their primary focus is personal care for our patients.

Your Hospitalist is the bridge between your hospital stay and your primary care physician. He or she will manage your care continuously and coordinate with your primary care physician or other healthcare providers during your stay in the hospital.

Hospitalists are staff physicians, meaning they are not affiliated with any outside practice, and you will have their full, undivided attention while undergoing treatment. They will coordinate every aspect of your care while in the hospital, schedule your discharge, and craft follow-up care plans to ensure a smooth transition back home.

Mount Auburn's Hospitalist Service includes board-certified internists and medicine sub-specialists. We practice evidence-based medicine and require ongoing quality assessment of all of our physicians so that you know they are held to the exacting standards you deserve.

You have access to our staff through 24/7 continuous coverage, and all aspects of your care are managed as part of a team effort with your primary care physician and other caregivers during the course of your treatment. The service also ensures effective, on-going communication with your family and loved ones during your stay.

All Hospitalists have academic appointments at the Harvard Medical School and serve as preceptors for medical students. Excellence in patient care, evidence-based medicine, and ongoing quality assessment are benchmarks of the Hospitalist Service at Mount Auburn Hospital.

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