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Infectious Disease

Keeping you safe and infection free during your stay at Mount Auburn Hospital is the domain of our Infectious Diseases Division. You will work in partnership with your physician, who will help you understand and control potential infectious diseases during your stay with us.

Through this collaboration, which also includes input from your primary care physician, you will help us fulfill our critical mission of preventing the transmission of infectious diseases to other patients, healthcare workers, and potential, visitors.

Our comprehensive care program includes evaluation, diagnostic testing, and treatment for a wide variety of infectious diseases. Each patient care unit provides you with access to specific infection control guidelines, with clinical care managers assigned to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to during your stay.

Team members are nationally certified in infection control, including HIV infection, pneumonia, Lyme disease, postoperative infections, urinary tract infections, bone and joint infections, unexplained fevers, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis.

You’ll be encouraged to take a proactive part in preventing infection by regularly taking your medications exactly as prescribed, and also encouraged to maintain good health by eating properly, and following your physician’s recovery and preventive directives to the letter.

The Infectious Diseases Division also partners with Mount Auburn's Travel Medicine Clinic to prevent and treat illnesses contracted while traveling domestically or abroad. To learn more about wide range of services offered through our Division of Infectious Diseases, please call 617-499-5026.

If you have an infection prevention question, please call the Infection Prevention Department at 617-499-5665 ext. 4253.

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