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  • Kidney Care

Kidney Care

You can trust Mount Auburn’s compassionate, experienced Nephrology team to help keep your kidneys functioning properly. As two of your most important organs, controlling up to 20% of the blood pumped from your heart, kidney disorders can seriously impact your body’s ability to function.

We offer in patient, as well as outpatient consultation, which provides seamless, comprehensive care for conditions associated with the kidney, including chronic and acute kidney failure, hypertension, kidney stones and metabolic and biochemical disorders.

Our highly skilled physicians work with you to treat these and other related disorders, including chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure during which the kidneys lose their ability to filter and remove waste and extra fluid from the body. For this condition, you may receive dialysis - a process which clears waste and eliminates extra fluid, and restores the proper balance of electrolytes in the blood.

We also provide referrals to chronic dialysis centers as well as for biopsies and kidney transplants. Other services offered include hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis if you are admitted to Mount Auburn.

Whether you are admitted or not, our Nephrologists consistently provide cohesive care, including follow-up services and ongoing clinical management through the chronic dialysis program.

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