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  • Palliative Care

Palliative Care

When you experience a serious or chronic condition, palliative care helps you feel better in mind, body and spirit. Take advantage of this service even while you receive medical treatment to cure a disease or slow its progress. Improve your quality of life through palliative care, available at Mount Auburn Hospital and The Ambulatory Palliative Care Clinic on Wyman Three.

Would Palliative Care Help Me?

Palliative care can help as you manage a serious condition, such as:

  • Cancer
  • Advanced heart disease
  • Progressive lung disease (COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis)
  • Advanced kidney or liver disease
  • Progressive Neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Parkinson's disease

Palliative Care is provided at any stage of an advanced or serious illness and can be received alongside curative treatment. 

What Does Palliative Care Involve?

Depending on your needs, palliative care may include:

  • Strategies to ease symptoms such as pain, nausea, shortness of breath, constipation, fatigue and loss of appetite
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Referrals to community services
  • Emotional support for you and your family
  • Pastoral care
  • Bereavement support

Learn more about Palliative Care

Find information and resources for patients, families and professional caregivers from these organizations and online communities:

Palliative Care Team

Your multidisciplinary care team includes board-certified palliative care physicians as well as nurses, social workers and chaplains. They work closely with your primary care doctor, specialists and other medical team members to ensure you get personalized, well-rounded services.

Continuum of Care

All your caregivers stay in touch with you and your family about your condition, treatment choices and likely outcomes. If necessary, we’ll help you transition to home care or outpatient palliative care after a hospital stay, or to hospice.

Get Palliative Care

To take advantage of palliative care, ask your doctor, nurse or social worker to facilitate an outpatient clinic visit or inpatient consultation. Or call the palliative care team at 617-497-9646 (outpatient care) or 617-864-1613 (inpatient care).

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