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  • Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Feel more confident in your appearance by getting treatment from the compassionate, board-certified plastic surgeons at Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated facility. No matter your age, you’ll receive personalized care for your entire well-being from a partner who can help you achieve your goals.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Procedures

You’ll enhance your self-image when you choose Mount Auburn Hospital for services such as:

  • Body contouring (removes excess fat and skin after weight loss)
  • Breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment
  • Breast lifts
  • Breast reduction
  • Facial fracture repair
  • Laser resurfacing – Smooths out the skin’s surface and reduces wrinkles and scars
  • Mohs reconstruction – Restores your skin’s appearance after removal of cancerous tissue
  • Repair of congenital anomalies (problems present at birth), such as cleft lip/palate
  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
  • Tissue fillers – Soften and fill out parts of your face
  • Treatment of tissue diseases, such as lupus and scleroderma
  • Wound and burn care, including skin grafts or flaps

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