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Prostate MRI

Prostate MRIMulti-parametric Prostate MRI at Mount Auburn uses a state-of-the-art high magnetic field strength (3 Tesla) MRI scanner along with advanced software analysis to provide clear, high quality images of the prostate gland and surrounding structures. This noninvasive examination takes about 30-45 minutes to complete and does not expose the patient to ionizing radiation. The study is performed in a comfortable short bore environment which does not require the use of an endorectal coil.

In addition to aiding in tumor staging, 3T MRI plays an important role in tumor detection, localization, characterization, risk stratification, surveillance, detection of recurrence and for biopsy guidance.

Following the examination, our team of board-certified expert radiologists interpret the data and communicate the findings to the referring provider.

Prostate MRI Order

Prostate MRIIf the patient has had a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided biopsy, the MRI examination should take place a minimum of 6 weeks after the biopsy to allow the gland time to heal. The biopsy results, PSA results and the most recent doctor’s office notes should be available to the radiologist on the day of the examination. Note that a biopsy in NOT required prior to an MRI.

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