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Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine division of the Radiology Department provides a full range of clinical services, including Cardiac Imaging and PET/CT. We also provide oversight of radiation safety for the hospital.

We have active inpatient and outpatient services which utilize three Gamma SPECT cameras, a thyroid uptake counter and PET/CT.

Routine unsealed radiotherapies include high and low dose 1-131 for metabolic and neoplastic thyroid disorders and Ra-223 for metastatic prostate cancer.

Our division has an active nuclear cardiology service which runs every day of the week, including weekends. This provides our residents with supervised primary performance and interpretation of studies. Daily studies include:

  • Thyroid and parathyroid functional and cancer imaging
  • Pulmonary scintigraphy, including V/Q, low dose Q SPECT and pre-op quantitation studies
  • Hepatobiliary studies including HIDA, gallbladder kinetics and Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction
  • Gastrointestinal studies including gastric emptying kinetics, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and Meckel's scan
  • Bone scan for a wide range of applications, most commonly neoplastic, orthopedics, hardware evaluation and neurogenic pain
  • Functional renal imaging
  • Brain perfusion studies for brain death determination

Our Molecular Imaging backbone is maintained by our PET/CT service. Our normal caseload includes initial staging and follow-up of a wide variety of cancers and paraneoplastic syndromes, with regular participation on Fridays in our institution-wide tumor boards

Characterization of lung nodules and initial staging of lung cancers are an active service with close collaboration with the Lung Nodule Clinic and our Low-Dose CT Screening program.

We are also active in the use of brain FDG-PET imaging for categorization of dementias. Other active molecular imaging services include dopamine active transporter (DaT) imaging for Parkinsonian disorders, peptide receptor imaging for somatostatin positive tumors and infection/information imaging.

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