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Lymphedema Management

Trust the Mount Auburn Hospital Physical Therapy Department to ease the chronic swelling of a limb or other body part due to Lymphedema.

Lymphedema May Occur From:

  • Removal of Lymphatic vessels or nodes during surgery
  • Damage to the lymphatic vessels or nodes from radiation
  • Poor venous circulation
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Obesity
  • Congenital problems

Symptoms of lymphedema include:

  • Swelling of a limb or other body part.
  • A full or heavy sensation in a limb or other body part.
  • Stiffness (from swelling) which can interfere with daily activities such as walking or functional use of the limb.

If left untreated other problems such as open wounds, non-healing ulcers and cellulitis can occur.

Specialty Trained-Physical Therapists

You will benefit from our Physical Therapists' specialized training in evaluation and treatment of lymphedema. They pay special attention to your individual needs and may provide some or all of the following treatments based on their evaluation:

  • Gentle, specific massage techniques (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) to direct the flow of lymph for efficient drainage.
  • Compression wrapping according to a highly specific method to ensure graded compression to help the body reabsorb the fluid.
  • Help obtaining correctly fitting compression garments or other devices that you can use independently after discharge from treatment.
  • A home exercise program and self-management strategies.
  • Education about the lymphedema including precautions and skin care.

Your Recovery is Our Priority

Call 617-499-5011 to schedule a visit with a Licensed Therapist and begin your journey to recovery.

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