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Sleep Medicine

If you suffer sleepless nights, restless leg syndrome, an uncomfortable, eerie feeling during the night, severe daytime sleepiness or even narcolepsy, Mount Auburn Hospital's Sleep Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to addressing ways in which to evaluate your sleep patterns so you can feel your best during your waking hours.

Here, you will find experts well-versed in these conditions, as well as sleep apnea, an obstruction of the airway during sleep; and insomnia, a near complete inability to fall asleep.

You’ll be evaluated by a trained sleep specialist who may recommend an overnight sleep study program, where special devices monitor your brainwaves, breathing and oxygen levels as you sleep.

You can also choose from a variety of solutions to treat sleep disorders, including temporary pharmaceuticals or even a -specialized breathing mask. The Clinic also provides a Daytime Nap Study program to help determine the impact of daytime sleep disorders.

To learn more about Mount Auburn Hospital's Sleep Clinic, please call 617-499-5323.

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