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Primary Care and Integrative Health Services

NOTICE: The Marino Center for Integrative Health is now called Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care – The Marino Center for Integrative Health. Learn more about BILH Primary Care Practice Name Changes.

At the Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care – The Marino Center for Integrative Health, we're honored that you have put your trust in us to deliver the best in comprehensive healthcare services. Here, we offer a unique, integrative model of healthcare, featuring both conventional primary care and a full array of complementary services - conveniently brought together under one roof - to promote your health and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care – The Marino Center for Integrative Health is located at 725 Concord Avenue, Suite 4200, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Our Team

Neeti Jha

Neeti Jha, MD

Dr. Jha completed her Residency at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is fluent in Hindi and Tamil.

About Us

What is Integrative Health

Integrative Health - it’s in our name, but you may be wondering exactly what it means. At Beth Israel Lahey Health Primary Care – The Marino Center for Integrative Health, Integrative Health, or Integrative Medicine, means a unique model of healthcare focused on treating you as an individual, not the disease. Here we aim to restore the focus on health and healing through a strong patient/practitioner relationship. For us, it also means taking more time to understand you and your needs, making sure you feel listened to, and building an individualized plan for living better and staying better.

With a broader approach to healing and wellness, Integrative Medicine takes into account all aspects of what makes a person whole - mind body and spirit – and addresses them all at the same time. Through an active practitioner and patient partnership, a treatment plan including the use of both traditional (sometimes also referred to as conventional or western medicine) and alternative (also called CAM and complementary) therapies is developed to promote health AND prevent illness and disease.

Relying on the best of scientifically-validated conventional and alternative therapies, Integrative Medicine is a practical strategy that puts the whole patient at the center of care. In addition to physical symptoms, it examines the psychological, social and spiritual nature of the individual. An integrative approach educates and empowers the patient to play an active and responsible role in his or her own health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate scientifically and empirically demonstrated conventional and complementary healing traditions to improve the health of those we serve and to extend our knowledge to others through health education, training, and research.

In pursuit of our mission we:

  • Respect the natural forces of healing in the mind, body, and spirit
  • Utilize the scientific process and wisdom to evaluate the effectiveness of everything we do
  • Affirm the importance of connection in people's lives
  • Facilitate the advancement of integrative medicine in other organizations and communities
  • Work together with other like-minded individuals and organizations to share ideas, educate one another, and discuss diagnostic and treatment options

We pursue our mission in the following ways:

Patient Care

Providing healthcare services through a collaborative team of compassionate, innovative practitioners who provide preventive health care, and work with patients with acute and chronic conditions

Education and Training

Providing each person seeking our services with scientific explanations and informed choices regarding the professional care and self-care of body, mind, and spirit

Sponsoring and participating in public and professional presentations, seminars, and symposia along with publications and other media to educate the general public, medical, and insurance institutions about the unique potential of integrative medicine

Educating medical students through clinical rotations, internships, residencies, and fellowships


Examining the applied clinical aspects of integrating complementary and alternative therapies to determine efficacy and safety

Participating in research studies on specific medical practices and our integrative model with leading research institutions

Performing critical analyses of the service delivery system and examine the clinical and administrative structure of integrative medicine

Our History

Lelio 'Les' Marino was the visionary, founder and generous benefactor of what was then known as the Marino Foundation for Integrative Medicine, the sponsor of The Marino Centers for Progressive Health. Because of his vision and generosity, the Center has grown into one of the region's premier providers of integrative medicine and healthcare services.

Our origins date back to 1993 when Mr. Marino acquired a small alternative medical practice in Cambridge, MA. From this humble beginning, he envisioned a model of care that would integrate mind, body, and spirit, and genuinely blend traditional and complementary healing practices. In 2008, we “integrated” our two names and became the Marino Center for Integrative Health. Throughout the years, the Marino Center has been guided by Mr. Marino's vision and its mission of providing patient care, education, and research - and continues to be today.

After a decade operating centers in Cambridge and Wellesley, in 2013, the Marino Foundation for Integrative Medicine decided to turn its focus to supporting new initiatives in Integrative Medicine, and the Cambridge Marino Center for Integrative Health was acquired by Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital with a long history of support for integrative, alternative and prevention-based medical approaches.

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