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  • Success Story - Brittany R.

Success Story - Brittany R. 

Brittni R. — Surgery Date: 8/13/2018 - 78 pounds lost
Brittany R1. How were you feeling before your surgery?
Prior to surgery, I was somewhat happy with my life but I knew that I had more to offer. At the time of deciding about surgery, I had a two-year-old and she was my first child and is still my only child. I knew that I needed to better myself health-wise to make sure that I was there for her and to help give her the best life possible. I knew that I was severely overweight and that I couldn't be the best version of myself. I would never take full-body pictures and as much as I loved the summertime I also hated it because I wasn't comfortable in anything that I would wear. Prior to surgery, I knew that I had more to offer throughout life but felt as though my weight was really holding me back in the things that I wasn't able to do because of being overweight.

2. How are you feeling since your surgery?
I have not felt better or happier since the day that I had my surgery. I am even more comfortable in my skin now and have been able to enjoy my life with my family and my daughter. I can run around with her and actually keep up with her when before I would have been out of breath just simply walking up the stairs to get her out of her bed. I love the summertime! I am able to enjoy going shopping for clothing that I can now buy at almost any store because I don't have to look for the plus-size department or better yet hope that they have that specific department.

3. What has changed the most since surgery?
Life has changed! I enjoy every single aspect of life now to the fullest. I love cooking, Surgery has given me a new way to look at preparing foods that are appropriate for me to eat and I have found ways to include my family in meal planning. I talk about my journey to everyone that I come in contact with! Having surgery is something that I am extremely proud of and I am not afraid or ashamed to tell people about the journey that I started. This is a lifelong journey for me and it will never have an end date. I enjoy shopping and looking for clothes. I am always taking pictures now and barely tell people to delete certain pictures that they have taken because I absolutely love the way that I look and feel now.

4. How were you treated by the office staff here?
I cannot say enough about every single person that I have interacted with in this office. The front desk staff remember me by name every single time that I come for an appointment.
Everyone always has a smile and never seems to be bothered by the many requests that I would have to try and get appointments on the same day so that I didn't have to travel to the office multiple times in a short time frame. The physicians have been amazing and supportive. Any time I had any questions they were always answered within 24 hours, but most of the time it was just a few hours.

5. How were you treated at the hospital?
From what I remember the treatment at Mount Auburn was great! I was only there a short time but if there was anything that I needed it was answered right away. Surgery was nerve-wracking and everyone helped to calm the nerves that my family and I had the day of surgery.

6. Do you feel like everything was explained to you in a clear way?
I don't think that there was any information that I wasn't given. The classes prior to having surgery gave so much information about both types of surgery that are offered. Throughout the entire process, the healthcare team has continued to give me all the information that I need to be successful with this surgery. They are very upfront about what they believe I need to do in order for this surgery to be successful and stay successful. I truly believe that being honest with my team has helped me even if I know that may be something that I ate a few times wouldn't have been something that they would have wanted.
Please share any additional comments about your weight loss Journey or experience with the Weight Management Center:
I cannot say enough about this program and the staff that are involved. I was extremely nervous and thought about if this was the right decision for a long time. Surgery and the life afterwards is not a walk in the park. It is a lot of learning and I have to continue to be disciplined in how I go about my everyday life. There are days that I think maybe I shouldn't have done the surgery because I can't go to McDonald's and eat the Big Mac that everyone else is eating but then I stop for a few minutes and think about how I can make my own version of that Big Mac that I am craving and I do it! There is only one regret that I have about this surgery and that is that I didn’t do it sooner. Life has completely changed for me since having surgery and it has changed to something amazing. Having this surgery has filled the missing link in my life and I can't wait to see where it takes me in the next 5 years. If anyone is having any doubts about surgery and the life afterwards, just ask questions. Voice your concerns to the staff members of the Weight Management Center because they will tell you the honest truth because they are living it, each and every day, with so many other people that have had the same concern or worry. Surgery is not a walk in the park and you have to work for it, during it and after it, but if you are committed and ready you will truly appreciate the new life that you will have the ability to live afterwards.

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