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Mount Auburn Weight Management Center

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Preparing for Weight-Loss Surgery

Improve the outcome of your surgery at Mount Auburn Hospital by following the Weight Management Center’s comprehensive preparation process.

Patient Information Session

Start your journey by watching our informational video to learn:

  • What procedures your surgeon performs
  • How to prepare for your operation
  • What happens after surgery
  • Why you must commit to lifelong follow-up care

After watching the video, fill out our preliminary application to help us determine whether you qualify for surgery. We’ll contact you after we’ve reviewed the application. You’ll also want to ask your insurance provider whether you’re eligible for coverage.  No fee for initial consultation beyond the standard insurance co-pay.  There is a $200.00 fee for the Surgical Program once accepted. 

Psychological Evaluation

Visit our psychologist to make sure you’re mentally ready for surgery. The two of you will review your lifestyle, support network and mental health and discuss what stressors you might face after surgery.

You’ll also attend support group meetings with other people considering surgery.

Immersion Day

Spend a day in group and individual sessions with weight-loss team members who explore topics such as:

  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medical health
  • Nutrition

You’ll complete a longer health history questionnaire to help your weight-loss team personalize your treatment plan. We’ll help you arrange tests and other medical appointments.

Nutritional Evaluation

Meet at least twice with a dietitian, who will ask about your eating habits and help you develop a healthy eating plan for before and after surgery. You’ll learn how to keep records of your meals and snacks and manage your food intake.

Exercise Program

Build strength and enhance your weight loss with safe, gentle exercises. Our exercise physiologist will work with you to create a personalized exercise program that fits your fitness level. Your plan may include strength training using exercise bands and exercise balls, as well as simple cardiovascular activities such as walking or using an elliptical machine.

Visit Your Surgeon

Make an appointment with your surgeon, Julie Kim, MD or R. Wesley Vosburg, MD. They will explain the surgery, review the results of your medical tests, answer your questions and, if necessary, order additional tests or appointments.

Medical Clearance

We’ll work with your primary care provider to get his or her medical clearance for your surgery. You’ll need to complete basic lab tests and other diagnostic procedures your surgeon requests.

Preoperative Weight Loss

A small amount of weight loss before surgery helps to make surgery safer by shrinking the size of your liver and decreasing intra-abdominal fat. It may also be required by your insurance provider. Specific weight loss goals will be discussed during your clinical visits and are tailored to individual patients. Generally, the weight loss goals before surgery are easily achieved by all patients.

Contact Us

Start your weight loss journey with the Weight Management Center at Mount Auburn Hospital. Call today 781-314-7600 option 3 or fill out a preliminary application here.

Preoperative Slide Presentation

Ask our Weight Management Staff how to view our preoperative slide presentation.

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