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Blood Donor Programs

Through Mount Auburn’s blood donor program, you could potentially save a patient’s life; in fact, a single blood donation can help treat up to three individuals in blood donations are always in short supply. Regular supplies need to replenish consistently and donors are needed daily to help thousands of patients, so you can be assured that your blood donation is not only necessary, but vital.

Your donation can be one of the single greatest assets to the Mount Auburn community and directly benefits our patients, who may even be your friends or neighbors.

What’s more, you can also donate several pints of your own blood one-– four weeks in advance for use during surgery through our Autologous Blood Donor Program which is considered the safest method of blood donation, since receiving your own blood minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.
In order to participate, you must wait at least three business days before surgery for your blood to be processed prior to transfusion. In addition, our Replacement Blood Donation Program allows family and friends to make donations to replace blood utilized during your surgery.

You can make a donation by visiting the first floor of the Clark building on our main campus. Upon entering building, please follow the signs directing you to the blood center. Free parking is available in the lot located directly in front of the Clark Building. Ring the buzzer and let the Protection Services Attendant know that you are donating a unit of blood.

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