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The Jeanette G. Clough Leadership Fund

Celebrating 23 years of leadership and a steadfast commitment to the health of our community

The Jeanette G. Clough Leadership FundThe Mount Auburn Hospital community is coming together to celebrate Jeanette Clough’s tremendous legacy as president of Mount Auburn. In her 23 years of outstanding leadership, Jeanette has brought together physicians, hospital staff, and the greater Cambridge community to create an unparalleled culture of excellence with compassion.

In honor of these many achievements, we invite the community to help establish the Jeanette G. Clough Leadership Fund. This fund will support the expansion of Mount Auburn Hospital’s emergency services – a priority of the Here for You Capital Campaign and a project championed by Jeanette as critical to the hospital’s future success. By expanding the physical space of our Emergency Department and enhancing the delivery and coordination of our emergency services, we will address our community’s changing needs, provide more comfortable surroundings for patients and their loved ones, and complete the next essential phase in Mount Auburn Hospital’s remarkable evolution.

To support this expansion and reimagining of the Emergency Department, the Jeanette G. Clough Leadership Fund will also provide much needed financial resources for the hospital’s efforts to provide life-saving, forward-thinking, patient-centered care and its efforts in healthcare management and delivery, including:

  • Quality and safety initiatives critical to our future success
  • Core competency and emergency response training for Emergency Department physicians, nurses, and other key emergency and trauma personnel
  • Innovative capital projects to improve patient comfort and safety
  • Educating the next generation of compassionate caregivers

Please join us in celebrating Jeanette’s leadership and steadfast commitment to the health of our community.


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