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Teaching on the Inpatient Service

The faculty at Mount Auburn Hospital is committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for residents serving on the inpatient medical services. On each inpatient service a faculty staff member is assigned as the teaching attending for the month.

We have adopted an X+Y schedule paradigm and are a 4+1 program (4 weeks of exclusive inpatient work separated by 1 week of exclusive outpatient work). This X+Y paradigm allows our residents to fully experience their inpatient and outpatient rotations without feeling pulled in too many directions. Feedback from our residents and faculty has been fantastic, with each feeling that the residents have more focused space and time with their patients, treatment team and teaching faculty. Our elective time is an “X” experience, thus providing 4-week elective rotations that are not interrupted by continuity clinic.

Inpatient TeachingOn the General Medical Ward Service, the teaching faculty may be a primary care physician, a subspecialist, or a hospitalist. On the Cardiology Team Service, the teaching faculty are cardiologists. And on the MICU Team Service, the teaching faculty are pulmonary/critical care intensivists. The teaching faculty provide case-based and topical didactic attending rounds, perform management rounds with the team on a regular basis, and provide teaching and consultative services to our residents as needed.

Gold Attending TeamApproximately sixty percent of the patients admitted to the medical service are admitted to the Hospitalist Service. The remaining forty percent of patients are cared for by subspecialists or their private physicians. All attending staff have teaching faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School. This system provides the resident with the mixed experience of caring for patients in conjunction with primary care physicians in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Geriatrics, as well as with hospitalists, subspecialists, and intensivists.

MICU roundingDue to the large and ever growing volume of admissions to the medical service, Mount Auburn Hospital also has a non-teaching medical service covered by physician assistants. This enhances the educational experience of our residents by allowing the resident teams to be populated with varied and complex cases on the teaching services and not be overwhelmed with more common and less acute cases.

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