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Continuity Clinics

Each categorical resident spends three years in a continuity practice and generally sees patients once or twice a week in their clinics. We are pleased to offer three practice settings for residents for their longitudinal experience, and every effort is made to match residents to their preference. At all of the sites, residents act as the primary care provider for a panel of patients who are followed throughout residency.

The three types of practice settings include:

  1. Primary Care Center: A hospital-based Level 3 NCQA-accredited patient centered medical home where residents and attendings practice in an innovative setting that focuses on team-based care, population management, patient engagement, and quality improvement. The practice serves a diverse patient population. Roughly 20 residents have their practice in this site, with about 10 preceptors. Most days there are 5-7 residents per afternoon session working with 2 preceptors. While residents may work with several preceptors on a regular basis, they are also paired with a Primary Preceptor who helps provide individualized feedback and guidance.
  2. Mount Auburn Affiliated Group Practices: These sites are private group practices, located on the hospital campus or within the surrounding Cambridge area, with 1-2 primary care providers who precept 1 to at most 4 residents. Most of these practices are also patient-centered medical homes. Most sites have 1 to 4 residents, working with 1 – 3 main preceptors. Practice locations may be within the hospital or off-site in the Cambridge area, easily accessible by car or public transportation.

All residents use the Yale Office-Based Outpatient Medicine Curriculum for a formal curriculum with high-yield primary care topics. Residents attend a preclinic conference prior to the start of clinic to discuss the weekly topic, which is facilitated by faculty with a resident assigned to lead the discussion.

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