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Research & Scholarly Projects

Poster presentationEach internal medical resident will be required to complete a scholarly project by the completion of his or her training. The project is presented at the end of the PGY-3 year, traditionally at Medical Grand Rounds. Examples of acceptable projects include, but are not limited to: a review of the literature, a clinical or basic science research project, a de novo literature review suitable for publication, an approved newly designed clinical pathway, or hospital/clinical system improvement. Many residents choose to dedicate elective time toward the completion of their project. Although publication is not required, many projects result in publication or presentation at regional, national or international meetings.

Poster PresentationSome recent examples of Scholarly Projects:

  • “Development of a Women’s Health Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents”
  • “Vitamin D Testing Patterns in Primary Care”
  • “Discovery of adipose hormone aP2 and new therapeutic strategies against diabetes and fatty liver disease using anti-aP2 agents”
  • “Breast cancer project”
  • “Galectin-3 Trajectory and incident heart failure in the community”
  • “Presentation of original research on isolated decline in DLCO in patients with pulmonary lymphagiomatosis”
  • “Improving Time to Treatment in Patients with Polymyalgia Rheumatica”
  • “Breast Cancer Screening at Mount Auburn”
  • “Investigating Patient Understanding of Congestive heart Failure Diagnosis during Hospitalization”
  • “Mechanism of Centromeric Cohesion Protection in Mammalian Meiosis”
  • “CXCR7-Dependent Angiogenic Mononuclear Cell Trafficking Regulates Against Tumor Progression in Multiple Myeloma”
  • “Sepsis Protocol Educational Impact, Adherence to Guidelines”
  • “Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio is a predictor of mortality in advanced heart failure”

Poster Presentation

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