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Mentorship & Career Advising

At Mount Auburn, you’ll work with professionals committed to helping you navigate your residency and career paths. You are encouraged to find a mentor—a physician who will share his or her experience and offer advice throughout the program.

You’ll develop a long-term partnership with this experienced caregiver who will expand your horizons to make sure that you achieve your professional aspirations. If you need guidance finding a mentor, your Residency Director will assist you.

Academic Advising

Throughout your residency program, you will receive practical guidance and support by meeting regularly with your Residency Director to monitor your progress, discuss career goals, and connect to those resources individuals ready to help you achieve them.

Evaluation Folder

Evaluations are completed the end of each rotation: your new attending complete the form which assesses the competencies as defined the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME).

These forms are placed in your evaluation folder where you can review them at any time during the program. At the end of each academic year, you’ll receive a summary evaluation of your performance.

Life after Residency

Residents have access to highly successful podiatric surgeons who prepare you for the next steps after residency. You’ll enjoy a strong support network made up of current residents as well as program alumni.

You will learn valuable interview and presentation skills and receive assistance with job and fellowship applications. We maintain close connections with our alumni with the unifying goal of supporting each other’s continued success not only during the program, but well beyond it.

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Find application requirements for the podiatric medicine and surgery residency (PMSR/RAA) at Mount Auburn Hospital.

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