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Interpreter Services

No matter what language you or your loved one speaks, rest assured you’ll be able to communicate clearly with your care team at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Mount Auburn Hospital provides professional interpreter services to non-English speaking, limited-English speaking, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing patients. These free interpreter services are provided in a variety of ways:

  • In-person (for both Spoken and Sign Language)
  • Over-the-phone, using a portable speaker phone to connect you and your care team with an interpreter
  • With a video relay service, using a computer to connect you and your care team with an interpreter

At Mount Auburn Hospital, you’ll benefit from full time staff interpreters who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Armenian and Russian.

We coordinate services with per-diem and agency interpreters for other languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), Korean and Chinese Mandarin.

Professional interpretation from an over-the-phone service, offers access to hundreds of languages 24/7.

Experts in Medical Interpreting

You will work with trained medical interpreters and receive complete, accurate and understandable information.

Your interpreter will keep your personal health information private. He or she will facilitate communication between you and your care team but will not offer his or her own opinion, advice or recommendations.

Download important information regarding interpreter services.

Interpreter Services Requests

In most cases, interpreters are booked automatically by clinics/departments. Call 617-499-5750 at any time with questions or concerns.

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