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Bereavement Support

In coping with a loss, support from others that have experienced the same can be healing.  Mount Auburn Hospital offers three 8-week long bereavement support groups series a year. 

The main goal of a bereavement group is to break the isolation grief can impose on all of us. Participants have a chance to meet other people who are experiencing a significant loss and to share what works and does not work. A bereavement group does not take the place of professional counseling (individual or group). If you feel as if you are dealing with some complicated issues in your grief you might consider seeing a grief counselor, as well as participating in a bereavement group. There is no fee, and an educational component is interwoven into each session. Some topics we will cover: the nature of grief, how to handle stress, finding friends and family members who are supportive.

Any adult who has experienced the death of someone close is welcomed. Participants have experienced the death of a spouse/partner, child, sibling, friend, and/or other relative.

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