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Serving the LGBTQ Community

Mount Auburn Hospital strives to create an atmosphere of compassion, respect and commitment to all patients. We welcome and treat all patients. Every patient is given appropriate and timely evaluation and treatment, without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, language, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or socio-economic status. Mount Auburn Hospital has a longstanding commitment to serving the needs of the LGBTQ community dating back nearly 30 years. Since that time the commitment has only grown, and the number and percent of LGBTQ physicians and other staff has grown as well.

The Institute of Medicine’s 2011 report titled “The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People: Building a Foundation for Better Understanding” determined that sexual and gender minorities face a number of barriers to accessing health care. Many of these obstacles can be traced to stigma and its consequences, whether through personal or structural barriers. Mount Auburn Hospital has taken the following steps to reduce those barriers and to create an affirming environment for patients with diverse expressions of gender and sexuality:

  • Provided Dignity Training to all Employees.
  • Participated in the Health Care Equality Index.
  • Created and convened a Disparities Committee which conducts an annual LGBTQ needs assessment and adopts objectives for the year.
  • Incorporated the ability to record gender identity and sexual orientation data in our new electronic medical record. We understand this is essential to improving the care we provide to LGBTQ patients.
  • LGBTQ education added to our annual hospital-wide education
  • Supported our local Human Rights Campaign office/participated in the HRC Gala night.
  • Created MAH LGBTQ logo
  • Celebrated Pride month with a social media campaign
  • LGBTQ employees include prominent members of our Board of Trustees, Executive Leadership, and physicians.
  • The Faculty of the National LGBT Health Education Center includes several Mount Auburn Hospital Physicians.
  • Inclusive non-discrimination policies that specify gender identity/expression and sexual orientation, including patient and employee nondiscrimination, patient visitation and patient representative policies.
  • Formed an LGBTQA Employee Resource Group. Learn more about our group here.

If you are looking for a health provider with specific experience caring for LGBTQ patients and would like assistance, please contact Jane Gagne at 617-499-5728 or Patient Relations at 617-499-5100.

View a list of our providers who have identified a clinical interest in serving LGBTQ patients.

Patient Support Material

Community Resources

Provider Support Material

National LGBT Health Education Center (A program of the Fenway Institute) includes resources on LGBT health and health care delivery, including the following major topic areas:

  • Introduction to LGBTQ Health
  • Transgender Health
  • LGBTQ Youth
  • LGBTQ Older Adults
  • LGBTQ People of Color
  • LGBTQ Families
  • HIV/STI Treatment & Prevention
  • LGBTQ Behavioral Health
  • Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data
  • Cancer & LGBTQ People
  • Organizational Change
  • Other Issues in LGBTQ Primary Care

Faculty Members of the National LGBT Health Education Center include several Mount Auburn Hospital Physicians.

Upcoming Events

  • Oncology Reiki Clinic

    A healing technique that channels energy through the body to activate the natural healing processes by means of touch.

  • Oncology Massage

    Massage is a gentle hands-on approach to reducing stress and managing tension patterns in the body. This treatment is provided through clothing in a reclined position.

  • Drop-in Bereavement Support Groups

    Break the isolation grief can impose on all of us and get a chance to meet other people who are experiencing a significant loss and to share what works and does not work.

  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
  • Prepared Childbirth

    Learning what to expect during labor and delivery in this one-day class Mount Auburn Hospital.

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