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Prevent Infections at the Hospital

Help the Mount Auburn Hospital care team prevent hospital-acquired infections and keep yourself and others healthy with simple actions.

Clean Your Hands

To avoid spreading germs, clean your hands using soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after visiting the hospital. Take advantage of conveniently located sanitizer dispensers throughout our facilities.

If you’re a patient, remind your visitors to clean their hands:

  • Before entering and after leaving your room
  • After touching you
  • After using the bathroom

Follow Our Visitor Guidelines

If you’re a visitor, protect your loved ones and others in the hospital by following our visitor guidelines. If your loved one is in a room with an isolation sign, stop at the nurses’ station before entering and follow directions to prevent the spread of germs.

Stay home if you’re sick, have a fever or think you may have been exposed to contagious diseases such as chickenpox or the flu. If you’re unsure if you should visit, call your doctor or nurse and ask them about your symptoms.

Follow Pre- and Post-Surgery Instructions

When you’re scheduled for surgery or other medical procedures, your doctor will provide instructions on what to do before you come to the hospital. This may include how to prepare your skin, medications you should or shouldn’t take, and other instructions depending on the type of surgery. Follow these instructions carefully to help prevent infection and other problems.

You’ll also receive instructions on how to care for yourself after you leave the hospital. This may include prescription medications, information about caring for your surgery site and physical activity recommendations. You’ll also receive guidelines on when and who to call if you think you’re experiencing a surgical complication. Follow these instructions carefully to reduce your risk of infection and to make sure any infection gets treated early.

Care For Your Catheter

Your care team may use a thin, flexible tube called a catheter to deliver fluids, medications or nutrition to your body; to drain fluids from wounds; or to remove urine from your bladder. Sometimes, you need to go home with the catheter still in place. Ask your doctor or nurse why you need a catheter and what you should do to prevent infection. Make sure you understand what you and your caregivers need to do to keep your catheter clean and functional.

Our Infection Prevention Measures

Your Mount Auburn Hospital care team is always working to protect your health while you’re in our facilities. Learn about what we’re doing to prevent infections every day.

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